The Campamento was born in A Coruña, in the north of Spain, with the hope of creating a timeless brand while protecting the environment. The Campamento means letting your creativity fly, having a serious commitment with fun and passion, loving our planet and seeing the world through the eyes of a child. It means smiling and whistling when facing all difficulties with an optimistic vision of the future.
    Autumn/Winter 23 collection LOS AMIGOS

    Friendship is a gift of life that deserves to be preserved and shared.

    With the new AW23 collection, named “Los Amigos” (the friends), we invite you to participate in the celebration of having a great friendship.

    We celebrate friendship in all its aspects: you can find it everywhere. Friendship does not care about races, ages, or species. Don’t put limits on your imagination as far as friends are concerned.

    Share your besties whenever you can. It is in the uniqueness of people where we
    find learning, and sharing is where we find fun.

    Who has a friend, has a treasure!