to curate, and bring to our community, a wide selection of stylish and whimsical brands sourced from across the globe. With timeless quality and comfortability always in mind, our smallest customers can freely discover, play, dance, live and dream away...


"Growing up with a love of all things fashion, shoes and styling, I would often play store with my three siblings, curating a selection of treasures from places far and wide, you know, the kitchen, family room and my mother’s closet with hopes of selling off to make a shopper’s dreams come true. Many decades later, an opportunity arose to create a special place for the community (and at large via the website) to connect, to discover, and to inspire the littlest of shoppers to the most seasoned of shoppers (grandmothers hello!)."

It is through their own struggles in finding stylish, comfortable designs for their kids, and that their daughter wouldn’t fuss over, that motivates the owners to focus on sourcing designs and materials that allow children to play freely while feeling confident and stylish. The store currently carries between 40 - 45 established and emerging brands. The majority of brands are out of Europe given the diverse mix of timeless and modern designs (and difficulty in sourcing them in the U.S), but it will also incorporate popular and small U.S. brands that either bring new styles, new price points or that are truly unique. Major category gaps such as classic items for boys and desired apparel for teens will be a focus.

The mission is simple, a destination to spark wonder, fuel the imagination and create inspiration… Children of all ages should have the opportunity to express themselves through fashion and have a variety of options available that suit their tastes and preferences. We hope to encourage children to use fashion as a way to celebrate their unique style and enhance their individuality.  

Take risks, have fun, be confident!

COCO LETO is derived from two things coming together

COCO: Coco Chanel wasn’t afraid to be herself and unique, she exuded confidence and created something new and different.  As she once said “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”

- Coco Chanel

LETO: Greek Goddess of Motherhood, Modesty and Protector of the Young. According to Hesoid, she was the kindest of all Titan deities and who loved and cared for everyone around her. She was said to be the gentlest in all of Olympus.

Mother of two main Olympians, twins Apollo, God of Archery and the Sun and Artemis, Goddess of Hunting.


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